Full plot

A father clutches a present in his hands. It’s clumsily wrapped, but it's made with love. He looks at his child asleep under white bedsheets, his skin so pale that it disappears in the light fabric. His hair, as black as the night, falls in long locks across his delicate traits. He doesn’t want to wake him up, but he has to. It’s going to be a long and heavy journey for little Kaede, they are about to leave the hospital and Japan forever. Soon a plane will take them far away to safety. Ten years go by. Kaede looks at the world through an inner glass, a barrier that helps him cope with his mind's numbness. A never-ending lethargy protects him but also isolates him from humanity. He has no memory of his childhood, nor of his broken relationship with his mother. One day, a sudden light makes its way through London's cloudy sky: Kaede’s life as a college student intertwines with that of Rey, a young Australian biologist. Both have a secret in their past, both seem tied together by the thread of destiny.

In the meantime Autumn was arriving and the ancient maple in the shadow of the terrace prepares for quiescence: it dips its leaves in the colour of blood and lets them go. Then it falls asleep, waiting for the return of Spring.

This is a story of rebirth, a novel of growth, friendship, love. With the alternation of narration time and flashbacks the past is revisited, understood, exorcised. The acceptation of grief leads the two young men to the maturation and metamorphosis of their lives.