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Soul Spring: The choice of the book cover

One of the most difficult things to do is to choose the book cover which represents your own book in the best way and at the same time is more important than all the publication work. The book cover has to transmit at a glance the meaning of the essence of the book’s soul, even if it’s only the right mood. You often achieve this after numerous attempts (if you want to design it from scratch) or after exhausting research among photographs and images on Internet. I undertook the second way, that of exhausting research.

I had too many options when I began to search the web. I wanted an inspiration, an idea which could set me off in the right direction. But there was too much to see and, after viewing a hundred thousand images, I was about to give up and find a good graphic designer. Then I saw it, finally at the end, and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It had a title “Soul Spring”. It was how I had always imagined Kaede as a boy, with delicate features, much alike his mother, undefined in appearance and soul, a trapped spirit in Winter dreaming of Spring. That photograph perfectly summarized the character. I looked for the photographer’s contacts; in my ignorance I had never heard of her. I then realized that I had not only found a very good and talented enthusiast, but a successful professional. When I visited her Internet site, I immediately recognized some photographs that important national and international publishers had used as book covers of best-sellers. I thought that, given her credentials, she would never allow one of her photos to be used for a self-published book. However I tried because I was certain I would never find such an appropriate image.

Sometimes I’m too pessimistic – it’s the basis of my character and I can’t do much about it. But it does have its positive side because when things go well I rejoice with more satisfaction!

Elif Sanem Karacoc, that’s her name, replied to my e-mail and enthusiastically accepted my proposal. She advised me to adapt the photo for the book cover high-lightening the facial expression.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00003]

I love that photograph, I find it beautiful regardless that it’s become the book cover. I hope my readers like it and can succeed in glimpsing something in it. Some-one, after having read the book, told me: now I can understand why you chose that book cover. It was one of the greatest compliments for me, because I was certain to have instilled the right sensation.



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